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Whilst we want to create a lasting legacy for Tyler, our main focus and objectives are to continue to work alongside Great Ormond Street Hospital and The UK Sepsis Trust to help raise the awareness levels of Sepsis within the UK and what we can look out for both in young children, like Tyler, and in adults.

Every year in the UK there are 150,000 cases of Sepsis, resulting in a staggering 44,000 deaths – more than bowel, breast and prostate cancer combined. Sepsis is also the biggest direct cause of death in UK pregnancies.

These are extraordinary facts and figures but are ones that we can all help to reduce by raising our awareness levels of this condition.

The UK Sepsis Trust has provided the following guidelines as to what to look out for within adults and children.



In terms of our fundraising and creating a legacy for Tyler Reader, our first target for the Tyler Reader Brighter Future Fund is to raise £79,000 for the Children’s Acute Transport Service, or CATS team. These incredible people run an intensive care unit on wheels, transporting the sickest children from local hospitals to specialist children’s hospitals where they can receive the very best care. Not only do they have to care for their patients, they also have the unenviable tasks of supporting parents like Tyler’s who, completely out of the blue, find themselves with a child fighting for their life. NHS funding only provides the absolute basic equipment that this team need, and so the Tyler Reader Brighter Future Fund are proud to be fundraising on their behalf.

The items of equipment that we are fundraising for are:

Stretcher – £27,335

Great Ormond Street Hospital has developed a unique stretcher system for transferring critically ill children. These stretchers are a ‘mission critical’ item and a transfer cannot take place without one. 100% of children transported by CATS will require a stretcher and these must be continually replaced.

Infusion pumps – 27 x £1,109 each

All of the children that Great Ormond Street Hospital transport will need some form of infusion therapy. Around a third of these children will also require blood pressure supporting drugs, many of which require the use of an infusion pump. If infusion pumps fail or are faulty, the results can be catastrophic for the children.

Vital Signs Monitor – £6,166 – FUNDED

It is essential that all children admitted to Great Ormond Street Hospital have their vital signs accurately recorded. Patient monitors enable hospital staff to react quickly to early warning signs. The hospital needs the newer model patient monitors which communicate with a central monitoring system. This is not possible with existing monitors.

Ventilators – £16,116 – FUNDED

When children are too small, weak or sick to breath well enough on their own, they are kept alive with breathing support ventilators. Ventilators supply ‘good air’ (oxygen) to the lungs and remove ‘bad air’ (carbon dioxide). Around 90% of children in the critical care wards struggle to breathe on their own and need a ventilator.

Finally, If you would like to make a donation to help us fulfil our objectives and reach our target you can do so here.

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